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Who we are

We are LAeX. We have created a lot of parties, and we have been to even more. Milan's nightlife holds no secrets from us.
We are LAeX. That bi*ch of your ex gf. The one who reads your message and doesn't reply. The one who comes back as soon as you meet someone else. The one who still takes your breathe away. The one you will never forget.

What we do

LAeX is a creative, innovative and energetic project, created to leave an impression on Milan's nightlife.


How we do what we do, and with whom we like to do it.


We like details, we like to have fun and we don't like to take it too seriously, except when we're serious.
And seriously, we like to create fun events with attention to detail.

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We like to inluence and be influenced, we like to change and evolve. We like to collaborate, so if you've got an idea and you would like to work with us, send us a message.

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LAeX Voodoo Party

31.01.2020 @ Amnesia, Milano

LAeX Toga Party

11.01.2020 @ Magazzini Generali, Milano

LAeX Safary Party

06.12.2019 @ Amnesia, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

17.11.2019 @ TOM., Milano

LAeX Obon Halloween Party

31.10.2019 @ Spazio75, Milano

LAeX Full Moon Party

12.10.2019 @ Magazzini Generali, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

15.09.2019 @ Le Jardin, Milano


12.07.2019 @ Acquatica Park, Milano

LAeX • Milano Pride 2019

29.06.2019 @ Acquatica Park, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

16.06.2019 @ Le Jardin, Milano

Narcos LAeX

17.05.2019 @ Amnesia, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

14.04.2019 @ TOM., Milano

The L(AeX) Word

08.03.2019 @ Amnesia, Milano

Stranger LAeX

15.02.2019 @ Amnesia, Milano

BLAeX Mirror

12.01.2019 @ Magazzini Generali, Milano

La Casa de LAeX

14.12.2018 @ Amnesia, Milano

LAeX Horror Story Halloween

31.10.2018 @ Time Club, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

23.09.2018 @ Le Jardin, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

10.06.2018 @ Byblos, Milano

LAeX in Wonderland

18.05.2018 @ Amnesia, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

08.04.2018 @ Byblos, Milano

LAeX Ti Odio

24.02.2018 @ Time Club, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

21.01.2018 @ Byblos, Milano

Mamma, ho perso LAeX

16.12.2017 @ Time Club, Milano

Swalloween Queer Party 2017

31.10.2017 @ PlayUp, Milano

LAeX in the City • L'Aperitivo

08.10.2017 @ Byblos, Milano

BañaLAeX Wet Pool Party

01.07.2017 @ Acquatica Park, Milano

Love Sex American LAeX

06.05.2017 @ Goganga, Milano

LAeX Files

08.04.2017 @ Q21, Milano


04.03.2017 @ Abbadesse, Milano


14.01.2017 @ Q21, Milano


26.11.2016 @ Abbadesse, Milano

Swalloween Kinky Party 2016

31.10.2016 @ Goganga, Milano

Contact us

If you would like information about our parties, would like to collaborate with us or you would like to just say hello to LAeX... Contact us!